Sunday, 30 January 2011


Whilst filming the poker scene, which makes up the majority of our film, we encountered various logistical problems but it was successful overall. We had to keep in mind not breaking the 180 degree rule, maintain continuity and make sure the shots are well framed and level.

Lighting was another concern as although we were filming inside it was a very bright day and the light came through the curtains. We tried to balance out this problem by using a lamp behind the camera to balance the lighting. I believe we were able to achieve a good mise-en-scene with cigars, whiskey bottles, suits, green table cover and authentic poker chips/cards creating a solid verisimilitude.

We had several technological problems with the microphones as they didn't appear to be recording sound at a high enough volume, so we had to use the cameras built in microphones however we have little dialogue as most of it is narration which we will record after we have uploaded the footage so it won't be as big a problem as it was last year. Some shots we wanted to attempt weren't possible such as the 360 panning shot of the poker players as the room wasn't large enough to manoeuvre the dolly around.

On the day we made some changes to the plot such as introducing a prior game to the focal poker hand to remove 2/5 of the poker players and giving the audience a chance to see all our characters playing and lowering the number of characters involved in the final hand to intensify the action.

Overall I think the filming was successful and as we filmed using two cameras we were able to gather just under an hour of footage which should hold us in good stead for editing.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Ancillary Task - Magazine Film Review

This is the near finish magazine film review for our second ancillary task, however the picture in the middle will be replaced by stills from the movie once we have got our footage. To complete this task we used 'Microsoft Publisher' to create the magazine spread  and studied the conventions of popular film magazines, 'Empire' in particular. The 'In Cinemas' section is inspired by 'Empire' where we list the release date, certificate, cast etc. We also decided to include an interview between the director after seeing it featured in many of the film magazines.